I am getting such conflicting messages from friends – its going be sunny and you only need a cardigan, to its going be cold and raining take a proper coat…help lol.

I am going around Europe in a week, I am just wondering what layers to take either cardigans and jumpers and just pull over light raincoat incase it rains, or a proper coat?

Anyone been recently or know kinda weather to expect? If its anything like here now…sunny one min, chucking it down chilly the next!!!


Hi Rachael,

It will depend on where in Europe you are going to. Generally weather will be good but it always pays to take something warmer for when needed. I traveled Europe in May and spent most of the time in short’s and a T-shirt, only a few occasions required a jumper/jacket… but best to be prepared, I would go overboard and take a snow jack or anything like that, but something warm and something waterproof is also smart (I took 1 fleece jumper and purchased a light weight water proof jacket in Munich).

You can always buy something while traveling if you need it!