Im doing a Eurohotel tour from 31 August - end of September all over Europe. Am then travelling around Europe (inlcuding Oktoberfest) until end of October. What kind of clothes should I pack?



Hi Belinda

last time i was over there (the exact same time of the year as you) I mostly lived in jeans, tshirt and a warmish jacket. at night i had a really warm jacket or sweat shirt on and sometimes a thermal singlet. Italy was hot, so i wore shorts and tshirts.

but you should be fine if you take a couple of pairs of jeans, a pair of shorts, 6 tshirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, one light jacket, one warm jacket, one scarf (a MUST), 2 thermal singlets, a dress, couple of going out tops, sandles, runners and thongs. take travel towells not normal towells and the uk and european adapters. The shopping over there is amazing as well, so you can always buy something if you need it!

hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:


thanks heaps nicola!!