Washing Clothes on Tour


Might be a silly question :-[, but what do you do with your clothes on tour once they are dirty?

Are there laudramats around (in the hotels maybe) and time to do it? Any advice from those who have been there?



Hi Tashie,

Washing? what wahsing we are all on Holiday. Can have a wash when we go swimming…

Cheers Mat ;D


Ha ha I hate to be sexist but that’s a wonderfully blokey reply:) I’m with you tashie in regards to wondering how we get our washing done. I also want to know if washing powder is widely available? I have to say that it’s at the bottom of my priority list of things to fit in my bag:)


Hey Guys. Most of the hostels and hotels have laundrys in them, but everyone wants to use them!!! so be prepared that you might have to wait a bit to get a machine. and if you can combine your washing with 2 or 3 other peoples on your tour then it goes a lot faster, just make sure that at least one of you stays with the washing while its in the machine, cos some people will turn the machine off, dump your stuff out and put theirs in. We bought a box of washing powder while we were on tour and used that between 4 of us. THe dryers over there really arent that good, so be prepared that things will still be a bit damp when they come out, so try to take stuff that drys really easily. and yes we did hang stuff up around the rooms, no one minds cos everyone does it.

i was away for 5 weeks and i think i washed 3 times, some countries are so cold that you dont sweat at all and you can wear your tshirts more than once. you have to wear yuour clothes more than one otherwise you would be washing all the time and missing out on the sightseeing!!


Thanks everyone,

Good idea Mat, I hope I get to swim on tour, going in April so hopefully some countries will have warmed up by then :slight_smile:

I am only going for 3 weeks so I guess I won’t need to wash all that much, just don’t want to pack three weeks worth of clothes when I can pack lighter and wash some. Thanks Nicola for the sharing idea too, would be much faster/cheaper.

cheers everyone and I hope you enjoy/ed your trips!! :stuck_out_tongue:


two word: liners & deoderant.
lol :slight_smile:


what about the camping trips, are there anywhere to wash clothes on them (or will I washing my clothes while I’m in the shower lol I’m totally going bear grylls for this camping trip)


Hey Laura

Im not sure about all the places that you stay, but there a few places that both camping and euroclub stay. Those places have seperate washing facilities that everyone at the camp site can use, off the top of my head i think they are Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, Rome, Venice and maybe Florence. Hope that helps a bit!

  • Nicola


thanks for that information nicola, i think there are a few hotel and hostel upgrades on camping tous, so i’m sure there will be an oppertunity to wash clothes then aswell.


Hi All!
In regards to washing, on the European Getaway tour I was on, the best laundry facilities were in Italy - Florence, Rome, Venice and a good one in Berlin. Make sure you have LOTS of coins. Washing and drying is 3.50 Euros each. We decided to bring our own washing detergent from home so then we knew how our clothes would react towards it. Best time to do it? As soon as you arrive the campsites/hostel…wash your clothes, take note of the time and come back and check on them. If you forget…you might find them thrown out somewhere. It takes 2-2.5hrs to wash and dry.
Have Fun!


My advice is to take things that are quick drying, avoid taking cotton things if at all possible, esp underwear as it takes so long to dry esp if doing hand washing. Most places have at least a washing machine on the camping trips, so a dryer is a bonus. I totally recomend going in with someone else to share the cost, it can be expensive, and it is less time waiting for the machines to be free. Some times you had to pay for the washing machine and the dryer was free which was a bonus. A micro fibre towel was a life saver as well, I got the biggest one I could find at Kathmandu, it was the size of a normal towel so I wasnt having to have my shower with a tiny/wet towel from the prev day. I had a bottle of concentrated tavel laundry liquid that was great. I agree that the best time is as soon as you get into camp if you are organised you can pack all you washing together in the morning before you leave so you can pull it out and put it straight in rather than having to sort through everything.


Oh another tip if you are using dryers overseas, check the lint filter, it is amazing how much dryer your clothes will be without the last 50 people lint clogging up the machine. Good thing to know esp if you are paying heaps to get a load of laundry done, nothing worse than getting your clothes out and they are still not dry.