Wait til tour becomes guaranteed or change?


Hi all!

Trying to make a decision soon…I am booked for the Britain and Ireland tour departing Sept. 2 2012 but it’s not a guaranteed departure yet. I haven’t booked my flight yet because if I have to change it I don’t want to lose money but at the same time, I don’t want to wait too long to book it either. I was thinking of switching to the tour a week before because it’s already a guaranteed departure. Should I change my tour date or should I wait it out to see if the one departing Sept. 2 becomes guaranteed? And am I even able to change the date? Thanks for any advice! :smiley:



I was booked on a non guaranteed tour and found out on Friday that the tour was cancelled!! I would do it sooner rather than later, especially since you do not have flights booked. As we did and it is gonna cost us $500pp to change our flights including fees. I would rather pay the Topdeck ammendment fee than airline fees.



I know how you feel - I had booked 2 tours (for May & July) & had my 1st one cancelled so had to change to the next departure, which also meant changing my 2nd tour (which was the Britain & Ireland tour) to another date too otherwise they overlapped. But now my 8th July Britain & Ireland tour isnt a guaranteed departure! I did take the risk & book my return flights, simply because I am wanting to leave London before the Olympics & the only days suitable for me to fly out before then, the flights were getting super expensive!

So I really hope my tour does go ahead - but I guess this is what travel insurance is for (although you hope you never have to use it!)