VWP and Esta? Will I be OK?


Hi there,

I am looking forward to my trip! only 2 days left before I fly!

It should be alright if I bring sufficient money (combining pre-loaded traveler card, cash and credit card), an approved Esta with my passport, return ticket and my hostel address.

Is it enough?

I might also bring my account statements and phone bill (just in case if a cbp officer asks me for this)…do you think I need to bring those

Just be careful in the airport because it’s my first time to get there!

And I also wrote a message to cbp info center but no one answers my questions :frowning:

Thanks so much!



a good website to check is the USA border and immigration website. they have lots of info on what to expect when you attempt to go through immigration and what not. they also allow you to email them with any questions.



Thanks Emma, I also ask the same question in Cbp website. I hope someone will answer me…SO Nervous regarding US customs clearance >_<!


im sure you will be fine. as long as you have the paperwork to prove you will be coming home and not overstaying etc i think you will have no worries. the ESTA program is supposed to be good cause it tells you in advance if you may be rejected at customs. if in doubt the local airport like say LA have great websites that show you their customs procedures and what to expect like the scanning and bag checks. might be of interest.



I have been in an out of the USA quite a few times. I only got the esta once as the other times I have had visas. When I have been through I have been asked those two questions and then also asked where I was going. Other then that I have been fine


Wow! Thanks Melanie and Emma! You are my life-savers! I feel more confident to travel to the US without problems! :slight_smile: And Melanie, how did you answer “Where would you be going?” question other than those two one?

Also will i be asked to prove “Strong tie of home country” under VWP? Most answers mentioned that It was not necessary to do it. (This will prove I am a genuine Tourist)


I mentioned as many places as I could. The only time I have worried about asked about strong ties to home has been when I was on my j1 visa for camp and wasnt asked. I just had a copy of my phone bill on me just in case they asked ( didnt dissconnet the service while I was away) but that sorta stuff had already been shown to the consulate when i was getting my visa.

The only time I had the questions coming at me was when I was working in Canada I got a B2 tourist visa so I could go in and out of the USA as Canada was still classed as the USA in a way when it came to the 90 days and wasnt classed as leaving the country. (Weird I know) and he asked why I had it and when I told the customs guy he was all cool about it.

Also the fact you have a return ticket home should be enough to prove that you arent going to stay in the USA. They may ask when your leaving as well


I wouldn’t be too worry, as long as you are upfront with what you plan to do while there if they ask and have the paperwork from your ESTA approval you should be fine. Happy travels :slight_smile:


Again! Thanks everyone! Your replies are very helpful for me for my trip which is coming up very soon…after 3 months! I definitively will bring my hard copy of Esta approval and some paperworks such as bank account and bill(s). (really really just in case if they ask me)…so pumped!