Voltage converters


[color=800080][size=3]Hi all,
Wondering if someone can clear this up for me and point me in the right direction if needed. I’m in Australia and travelling to UK/EUR. I’ve gone ahead and brought my power adapters already, but wondering if i need to get voltage converters? So many opinions and have to say I’m a bit clueless in this department. :-[
If it is something i should get, any one know of any good places to purchase ???
VicKi ;)[/size]


Hi Vicki,
It depends on the device you are taking as most have chargers that are capable of switching from 100-240v and thus all that is necessary is an adapter. So check your charger to see if it says Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz, if it does then you have no need for a converter. UK is 230v and the rest of Europe is 220v. Also don’t use a converter with devices like these because it can destroy them and make the lights go crazy in the room like someone was being possessed :o


HAHAHa :wink: Thanks for the info!


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