Vodka & Caviar 08/08/06 Russ Revs/Russ Scandi


Hi,[br][br]Just wondering if there’s anyone on here going on either of these tours which start/join at St. Petersburg on the 8th August 2006?[br][br]Never done this sort of thing before so please get in touch![br][br]Cheers,[br]Dave


Hi Dave![br][br]I’m going on the same tour as well - glad to ‘meet’ someone in advance before the trip starts! ;D I get to St P a couple of days before the tour. [br][br]I’ve never gone on a tour before either like this and this is my first time to Russia. How’s the planning for it going? I feel like I’ve had to do sooo many things in preparation - organising the Visa was a really long process for me![br][br]Let me know if you’re getting there early too - feel free to get in touch and tell me your plans! By the way, where are you travelling from?[br][br]Cheers,[br]Lisette :wink: