Vodka and caviar 19th sept- and flying solo!


hi guys,[br][br]i’m setting off on the vodka and caviar tour on the 19th of september and am quite excited. I was just wondering if anyone else had booked up for this one yet?Or has even been on it before?[br][br]Also this is my first top deck trip and i’m going by myself how do others find doing this?[br][br]Looking Forward to hearing from you[br][br]Cheers [br][br]Lx[/font=Arial]


Hi there[br][br]I have just finished a Vodka and Caviar tour. Although only 8 days, it was great. Russia is fantastic and you’ll find St Petersburg and Moscow two very different cities.[br][br]Tip though - this usually joins with 2 other tours - a Russia Scandi one that’s come via Stockholm and Talinn and the Red Star Special that’s come via Helsinki, then Talinn - and the two groups would have just met, before picking up V & C people in St P. I had 5 in mine doing V & C only. [br][br]As for doing it solo - that’s the best way to meet new people! I have just done two Topdeck tours (this and Euro Odyssey) by myself and there are others who fly solo as well, and really, it’s no problem - you meet new friends really quickly.[br][br]Enjoy Russia - it’s fantastic![br][br]Jo[br][br]