Visiting Egypt


July 14, 2006[br]To Whom It May Concern:[br] My name is Shaza Gamal Ismail, and I am currently a Fulbright Scholar, affiliated with the Art History Department at Temple University, in Philadelphia. I am also a lecturer at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt. I am working on a project to increase the awareness of American tourists about the nontraditional Coptic sites in Egypt, with the ultimate goal of having such sites included in touristic itineraries. Many of the Christian Egyptian monuments are world-class, and are close enough to tourist destinations such as Cairo and Luxor, to be visited as day trips. Several of the late antique and medieval churches have recently been conserved by international teams, funded by the United States Agency for International Development. These sites reward the visitor interested in art, architecture, and cultural heritage, as well as religion.[br] I am writing to ask if you currently have any tours to Egypt, or whether you are planning to have some in the near future. I would be glad to visit your office in person, to meet whoever responsible for planning programs to visit Africa and the Middle East. I would also be happy to answer any of their questions regarding Egypt in general, or the Coptic sites in particular. I am in the process of developing color brochures about the major Egyptian Christian sites, and would like to know if you would have an interested in them.[br] Additionally, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have as to other travel agencies in the U.S. specializing in tourism in Egypt, or who might in any case have an interest in my project. [br] I hope this letter will be the first step towards introducing you and other Americans to the Christian sites in Egypt, which are of great interest to groups traveling for both religious and cultural reasons. This will no doubt be a positive point in the future interaction between the American and Egyptian cultures.[br]I am looking forward to hearing from you.[br][br][br]Dr. Shaza Ismail[br]E Mail:[br][br][br][br]shaza Ismail