Visa or Mastercard in Europe?


I have been looking into whether I should get a Visa or Mastercard for my travel in Europe.

Do most places in Europe only accept one or the other? Or are they able to take both types of cards.


Heya, I would go with a travel card. See the link attached.


Hey I work for a Bank and if you use a bank issued visa or mastercard the fees to use it overseas are going to be big. There will be a fee to use the card and then a foreign transaction fee (which is the cost of converting the amount into AUD).
Go with a travel card… Maybe a travelex


I had a travel card and it was handy and worked well , but visa was excepted everywhere too , choose the one with the lowest fees because in the end there both the same thing



If you’re looking at getting a credit card in case of emergency or in case you want to make a large unexpected purchase, visa and mastercard are both widely accepted. The 28degrees mastercard might be worth looking at for travel because it doesn’t have foreign currency conversion fees.

Hope that helps.



Yes definitely a travel card!!! I went with the ANZ travel card last time and will definitely go with that one again - i am not with this bank but through my research it had the best options!


Hi sarahwithah! I just start an interest-bearing Euro-denominated bank account with HSBC or one of the other major European banks and get a debit card from them. Visa to canada
is simple enough. It’s more convenient.


Hi Sarah,

I’m getting the NAB gold card, it is $30 a month but it doesn’t charge you fees overseas. and when your not using it it doesnt charge you the fees as far as im aware. it is a lot better than the travel cards as they still end up charging you atm fees and withdrawal fees.


Hey Guys,

I’ve done a tour with Topdeck round Europe and I will never recommend 28degree mastercard. For starters, I had no problems what so ever till I logged onto my account which tells me that “Sorry about your card being cancelled and can I enter my new card details”. Firstly I contact 28 degrees while in Greece which unfortunately for me isn’t in the same timezone as Australia to which I get told to call back at 9am AUS time because they can’t fully access details at this time (considering this is a 24hour contact center that I have rang, pathetic) Since I had been using this card for nearly 3 weeks and have no idea how long the card had been cancelled I tried to withdraw money, much to my dismay the atm swallows the card. After the bank not releasing my card to me I contact 28degree AGAIN. They continue to confirm to me that my card has been cancelled by which I tell them this is impossible as I had my card up until the point it got taken by the atm. They still try to tell me that someone has contacted them and cancelled the card yet I do not understand how this is possible as I had not made any copies of my card or written any details for it to be accessed. And I sure wasnt the one who contacted them to cancel it, I had also notified them about my travels abroad. I ended up using my NAB Gold Account Visa Debit card! Absolutley excellent, had no issues what so ever and the conversion rate appeared to be ok. NAB gold accounts do not charge currency conversion rates or atm fees unless the atm owner has charges. Extremley disappointed with 28 degrees who I later contacted when finally arriving back to Aus, recieved no full explaination as to WHY it was cancelled and HOW. All that was recorded was the date it was cancelled which was nearly a week before it got swallowed in the ATM. Obviously someone on their end made a very big mistake. Also an emergency mastercard is utterly useless which they offer to provide (at a cost I think too) if your card is lost or stolen. You cannot make online purchase, atm withdrawals and if it doesn’t work in store you have to ask them to put it through manually. From experience with working in stores in Australia, under no circumstance are we to enter customers cards through manually so I don’t know if they do in Europe considering alot of store had machines and methods to check your notes to see if they were fake or not. Overall I hope if you do get a 28degrees mastercard that you don’t have to experience what I went through considering roaming costs are very expensive and being put on hold, in waiting queues and being hung up on was not a pleasant experience. I was really looking forward to using my 28degrees card abroad because of all the great things I had heard but unfortunately it was not such a great outcome. NAB Gold Account Visa Debit card I was definitely in favour of. Also don’t worry about whether you should have a Visa or Mastercard, I never remember seeing any places that only accepted one. But I found carrying cash so easy with the endless supply of atm’s around and easier to see how much I was spending. Sorry about the very long post but hopefully it ends up being useful for someone.