Visa in Europe?


I’m sorry as I’m sure this question has been asked a number of times. I’m travelling to Europe from 5th June and return back to Australia on 20th September. I will be spending 15 days in Turkey (visa obtained on border, so no problem there), however, after this, I will spend the majority of my remaining time in the Schengen area. From what I’ve read, if you spend more than 90 days within the area, you need a visa. Is this correct? From 21st June till 17th September, I’m within this area (88 days), however, my time within this area is broken up by the Britain and Ireland tour for 15 days, Eastern Europe for a few days on the European Pioneer (not part of the Schengen agreement but I don’t think I need a visa either) and residing in London before and after tours. So this is probably only about 65 days or so within the Schengen area. So in theory, I shouldn’t need a visa at all. Is this correct?

Sorry, I just want to make sure. I’ve emailed my travel agent who is away till next wednesday, but I though I might get some advice from here.



I am not too sure how it works if your trips are broken up.

I know you need to get your Schengen Visa from the country that you start your trip in, maybe you can look up their embassy and email them with your question.


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For more info check out our visa information page:


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