Vietnam uncovered 4/12/16


Anyone else booked on this tour starting 4/12/16? :grinning:


I am !!


Me too! Where are you guys from? I’m from Melbourne, Australia


I’m from Melbourne aswell :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️


Oh nice! Is anyone staying for a couple of days after the tour ends? I’m thinking of heading to Laos for a couple of days on December 16th to see Kuang Si Falls if anyone’s keen?!


I’m from Melbourne to :slight_smile:) are you flying out on the 4th


I’m in Hanoi for two days after ! I wish I could come omg :heart_eyes:


I’m only in hanoi for 2 days after as well. My flight leaves Hanoi on the 18th morning, so I’d arrive in Laos on the 16th morning and leave the 17th night. I haven’t booked anything yet, hoping some people will want to come with me and I’ll just book when I’m over there.

I’m actually in India at the moment, so I’m flying into HCM on the 4th morning but coming from India