Vietnam Uncovered 27/11/2016


Hi there! I have booked a spot for the Vietnam Uncovered trip leaving on the 27th of November. Who else is in? Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m doing the same tour!! I’m from Melbourne traveling solo :slight_smile: can’t wait to meet everyone xxx


Really? I will leave from Melbourne as well! :slight_smile: What flight are you taking?


Hi Chiara and Ayesha,

I am also on the tour and from Melbourne :slight_smile:


I actually leave tomorrow night (early Friday morning) as I get into Ho Chi Minh a few nights earlier!! Aww awesome! Are we all traveling solo as well?


Great! I’m travelling solo as well. Looking forward to meet you all :slight_smile:


Also travelling solo. Leaving Melbourne Friday night/Saturday morning


When are you guys leaving Hanoi at the end of the tour?


After Hanoi I’m going to Sapa on my own and spending two days there (doing some treks) and then coming back to Hanoi & then flying out :slight_smile: