Venetian Trail 2013


Hi, My boyfriend and I have just booked the Venetian Trail, departing 24 May 2013. Just wondering if anyone else has booked the same tour yet??

Looking forward to hearing from anyone that’s booked…while patiently waiting for May to come around!



Is Trieste included in the itinerary for the Venetian Trail?


Hi KM, me and a girlfriend are going to be on the same tour. Can’t wait!! At least you’re patient - I’m finding it hard to be patient. What are you looking forward to the most?


Hi Meg. Good to hear from someone else who has booked! I’m really looking forward to it all but Italy would have to be the country I’m looking forward to the most. What are your plans for before the tour? We are staying in Rome for a few days before the tour :slight_smile: will see you in 80 something days :slight_smile:


We are doing London, Stonehenge and Bath and will be in London for a few days after the tour before returning home to Aus. :slight_smile: