Vegan on Tour!


Hey, I’m a vegan (no meat, dairy, eggs, seafood… anything that is animal based!)

I’m looking to travel on the Topdeck Winter Rhapsody tour that covers Italy, Vienna, Budapest, Poland, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam.
I was wondering if anyone had much experience with doing Topdeck tours and being vegan? I don’t want to be a huge pain on the tour :slight_smile: so any help/tips/information would be greatly appreciated. They have said they will cater to vegetarians/vegans as much as possible and I’m sure I’m not the only vegan to have done a tour - but would just like some ideas!

Thanks, Amanda


talk to this guy, he is a vegan and just got back from a tour


[quote=31192]talk to this guy, he is a vegan and just got back from a tour[/quote]

I talked to him. He has very interesting ideas, thank you so much


Came across this site that might be helpful to our Vegan travellers -the Happy Cow
restaurant finder for your meals out in town.

Topdeck Team


Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Already have the happycow app on my phone, I use it loads and would definitely recommend it.
Looking forward to the tour!!