Vatican -Spirit of Europe - 1st July (Wed) - ADMIN


Hi,[br][br]Our itinerary includes a chance to see the Vatican on Wed morn.[br][br]Can you please tell me what time in the morning the tour would be departing to Rome, as we are about 15kms out of town.[br][br]There are two Vatican entries (which skip the lines) one at 09:30 and one at 10:30.[br][br]I just want to make sure we are going to be in Rome at the right time.[br][br][br]Spirit of Europe 23rd June 2009


Just so you know…[br][br]Our Spirit of Europe (last month) happened to be at the Vatican City on a Wednesday. Just happened to be the Wednesday of the month when the Pope appears, very cool![br][br]Hope he is there for you too![br][br]I am going on the Spirit of Europe trip, leaving April 28th 2009.


Yeh I know, and apparently when he is there the lines are double.[br][br]So thats why I want to get pre-purchased tickets so I can skip them :)[br][br]Spirit of Europe 23rd June 2009


BUMP -ADMIN?[br][br]Spirit of Europe 23rd June 2009