Vatican city


Hey everyone. just wondering if the vatican city tour includes going into Sanit Peters Bascillica?
When I went in May it was a Wednesday so it was closed to the public beacuse the pope was visiting the grounds. need to know if i have to book it seperatly or not if i re tour the vatican city
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Hey @Lexy

Hope you are well :slight_smile:

The Vatican City tour that we do is through the Vatican Museums. You will be shown where the Saint Peters Basilica is so you can visit afterwards :slight_smile:

It is free entry when it is open so need to pre book this option. Generally is only closed on Sundays or when the Pope is out (as you experienced back in May)

Enjoy your time in Rome! :slight_smile:

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Hi TopDeck Team,

Is Saint Peters one your TD leaders will ask you if you want to go so it can be booked? Im on essential Europe tour in may and was just wondering how that worked. Thank You :slight_smile: