Vatican City and more


Hi, I am looking into going on the Western Compass trip to Europe next year in October.
How long does the Vatican City tour take? Because I want to go but I’m worried that it would take up too much of the day and I’ll miss things in Rome.

Also, how long does the Jungfrau Excursion take? Is it possible to do both skydiving and Jungfrau?


Hey Ameila, I completed my trip a few weeks ago and visited both.

Vatican, is more of a gallery tour (was explained to us very vaguely) It included at the end time to visit the Sistine Chapel. We basically had to wait a little time to get into the square after & it was really really busy as the Pope was just there. I would really look into this as we spent most of the morning there, I think I went back to the accommodation about 2pm in the afternoon, Some went on to go inside the Colosseum, and to see other things…

As for Jungfrau, it takes about 2 and a bit hours on the train to go up there, We left in the morning about 8 or 9am and the Skydiving / helicopter group was leaving the accommodation just after us. It was pretty much impossible to do both. You can spend as long as you want up on top of the mountain (exploring and playing in the snow etc), and make your own way back down… we were just told as long as we were back for dinner… + there is that 2ish hour journey back down… Maybe talk to your trip leader to see if they will allow you to do both… but I know my group had to pick…


Hey Amelia!
I went last year and Vatican City can take as long or as little as you want… I didn’t think the guided tour was worth it but it was still great to see.
As for Switzerland, we were able to get on the first jump of the morning, then we got on the second train to Jungfrau and had more than enough time up there. I highly recommend doing both - and doing the tubing at Jungfrau. It was seriously the best day of my life!
Have fun x


Hey Zoe,

I’m doing Summer fun and Sailing in August…skydiving was on top of my list for the whole trip! What time of year did you go to be able to do the tubing at Jungfrau as well? (:


Hey! I went in September, but I think the tubing is something you can do up there all year round because there’s always snow! A lot of people didn’t do it but it’s soooo much fun - and as weird as it sounds, just don’t forget to take your sunnies and sun cream up there!


Oh great! I’d love to do all three but I guess it will depend on the day :slight_smile: what tour did you do? haha thank you for the tip… I’ll definitely be keeping them handy throughout. Did anyone get tattoos at the end of their trip? :joy:


Hey Zoe!
I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!!


I did Summer Fun & Sailing; it was amazing.
There were a handful of people who got tatts on the last day in Amsterdam - there are a few decent places around the hostel too :blush:


Aw great! glad I picked that trip! Are you keen to go back over? What islands did you visit on the Greek Island leg of the trip? :slight_smile: where the hostels okay?


I’ve just booked Winter Express and Road to Marrakech in November! Greece was probably the only part I was slightly disappointed in - don’t get me wrong - it was amaaaazing but I would have loved to see more. We only went to Corfu for a day, the rest was spent at random kind of places or sailing. The boats are pretty good and the water is amazing though! The hostels were okay, the worst by far was Croatia but you don’t spend much time in them anyway. They give you an amazing hotel room in Albania but pretty much don’t leave the hotel there if you want to live :joy: the rest were okay! I would 100% suggest taking a power board though as a lot of hostels only have 1 power point in a room of 4 which if crap if you need to charge phones and cameras!


That’s exactly what I was thinking, you cant go to the Greek islands without seeing Santorini lol but you can’t have everything I suppose lol is Albania that bad haha :joy: Thanks for the tip ill definitely chuck one in the bag!