Valuables on tour


Hi all / admin,
I’m just wondering when we’re on tour what the best thing to do with valuables is … The accommodation we stay at is it only the people on our tour that are staying there or are they hostels open to the general public? I’m just curious if lock boxes are offered or what the options are especially if we are going out at night obviously people aren’t going to be taking their iPads/laptops slr cameras etc out with them at night so what are our options for these items if we choose to bring them with us :slight_smile: thanks


Hi Kelly,

The hostels are open to the general public, but you will only be sharing a room with people from your trip.

Some hostels have lockers, but others don’t. It’s a good idea to bring a few padlocks with you that way you can lock any valuables in your main bag.

Hope this helps.

Happy Travels.

Topdeck Team