Hello![br][br]I am a traveller from Canada and was wondering if anyone has any info about vaccines for the trip? Do we NEED any or are they just recommended? I’ve tried to figure it all out but just am wondering if any other travellers, particularly Canadian I guess, have gotten any before they went or anything.[br][br]Any info would be great! Thanx![br][br]


depends which part of europe you are doing.[br][br]before i left oz in july 05, i had tetanus, polio, typhoid, all 3 hep shots. check with ur gp (doctor)[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


We are doing the European Getaway, so will be traveling mainly through Western European countries. [br][br]I actually talked to the doc’ today and that’s about what he told me to! Thank you!