Hi![br][br]Just wondering if any one had been on a trip already but had not been vaccinated for Hep A and B ( i think its advised for eastern europe??) Trying to decide if its worth it becos it costs quite a bit[br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Athens - Prague[br][br]Oct2-Oct18


Hey Lucita, best thing you could do is go to your local GP or family doc. He’ll know what you’ll need. If not, he’ll direct you to a place that specifically handles vaccinations for travel. I’m going to Egypt and was told to see a specialist centre. [br]Hope that helps. [br]Vits


Hi lucita. i wasn’t sure if i had been vaccinated. couldn’t be bothered to go get the meds and get the shot. and i’m fine =D hahaha. but that said. everyone’s different!!!


I went and had my HEP A AND B, i think its a good idea to get it. I was told by my travel doctor that you will need it in Spain/Greece and Southern Italy…and im sure some eastern european countries.[br][br]Or if you decide not to get it…and you travel to greece/spain. just make sure you dont eat the seafood…apparently thats the food you can catch it from but i wld advise to get it. Beats getting sick on ya holiday![br][br]plus if you get it now…you wont have to worry about getting it in the future for other trips.[br][br]


I didnt think Hep B was an issue for Europe unless ur planning on doing stuff that involves blood transmission or medwork…[br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Athens - Prague[br][br]Oct2-Oct18


[br]i jst think its a good idea to get both, in one injection because if you decide later down the track that ur travelling somwhere and u need Hep B, u already have it.[br][br]plus it wld work out cheaper in the end.[br][br]and less trips to the doctor.[br][br]but ur doctor wld know best.[br][br][br]