Vacation Trip


Summer is the best time for travelling. That’s why i’m looking for good and interesting places to stay in. My dream is to have an amazing trip with my couple. Please, give some advise about great places for vacation! I’ll be waiting.


If you are coming to europe first time then you have a lot of places to visit.

  1. Vatican City Rome
  2. Venice, Italy
  3. Munich, Germany
  4. Pisa Tower, Pisa Italy
  5. Amsterdam, Holland
  6. Paris, France.


If you are looking for India Tour then Himachal tours is the best in Summer to visit.


Thanks a lot, I’d like to know about gay friendly hotels. Is somewhere an information about them?


I love Vatican City Rome since I read a novel of Dan Brown. I hope that one day I will have chance to come here, to take photos of all places appearing in his novel.


If you are looking for Kenya Tour then Kenya safari holiday is the best in summer


For a truly unique and peaceful getaway, experience the incredible natural beauty of Kauai, or bask in the tranquil splendor of Lanai and Molokai, enticing islands still untouched by time.


Shimla is said to be extraordinary compared to other spots for a hideaway from a scourging sweltering summer. Along these lines, it was May-June summer occasions when we intended to go and encounter Shimla my maternal grandparents, uncles and close relatives accompanied us. It was 4 day trip.


If you are Travel to India below are the selected locations where you can enjoy your trip:-

6.Leh Ladakh.


Vacation trip definition: a trip undertaken during a vacation


Togian diving and Togean dive are the best diving place in Indonesia.



Summer is the time when kids having their vacations and exciting for their long summer holidays, older ones are fed up from the scorching heat of the sun and looking for the cool & pleasurable climate to relax with their families, and the travellers want to experience the charm of the hill stations during the summer season.

Here is the bunch of some popular places to travel for Summer Holidays in India

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