Using toilet on bus


Hi all!

We are tossing up between doing a Contiki or a Topdeck, the thing that has most put me off Contiki is that some bus drivers actually LOCK the toilet door on the bus so people can’t use it - seems like a human right violation!! Haha.

But seriously, I have a weak bladder and tend to pee a bit… is that a major issue with Topdeck??

Obviously I understand no-one wants to smell people’s #2’s… but sitting on a bus for 2-3 hours and having been on the piss the night before may be problematic.

Any response would be appreciated :slight_smile:


as far as i know our bus toilet was unlocked the whole time but you stop every 2 hours anyway so don’t stress too much about it!


You will stop a minimum of every two hours, sometimes even a bit less. The toilets are available unless they are being used constantly and the tanks fill up. If your group uses it for emergencies only then it should always be available.

And it’s a contained system so obviously no brown crimes whatsoever.


amy i am having the same debate as i have read alot of contiki reviews about it. i have ibs so this is quite an issue for me x


ive recently come back from a topdeck trip and the rule on our tour was you can use it for emergencies only, NO number 2’s. The bus driver and tour guide were pretty easy going about it all but and as others have previously mentioned you stop every couple of hours for a toilet break, so i wouldnt worry too much.


I’m in the same boat - always seem to have to pee!! I went on a contiki a few years ago though and it actually wasn’t that much of a problem. I didn’t use the toilet - and did not WANT to use the toilet. It’s not so much fun when the bus is moving! There’s usually lots of stops, so I’m not too concerned for my top deck tour coming up!


Plus they will stop for you more regularly if you have a legitimite medical issue regarding your bladder. They are accommodating to the best of their abilities.

Worse cases scenario just make sure you have an empty plastic bottle with you :wink:


Ours was locked about 3/4 of the tour. People didnt use it for emergencies. Ppl were really abusing ours. Ppl were using it often, and throwing up in it. We needed to get a key from the bus driver if we needed to use it. Ppl said it was starting to smell on the bus, but I ws so stuffed up I couldn’t even smell anything.


I would think throwing up would be an emergency!


Hey guys,

I did a topdeck trip a month ago, and our toilet was unlocked the whole time. Aside from when it had filled up and we couldnt use it without it overflowing.
Our rules was no #2’s or #3’s, be that throwing up or lady business I’m not sure. But remember that the coach drivers have to empty it so… it’s courtesy to just use your service stops wisely.
And they double bag plastic rubbish bins that hang off your seat, especially after those nights out.


It definitely smells if it doesn’t get emptied which can only happen in certain places.

So hopefully you’re on tour with people that don’t fail at life and destroy it!


Lol. Just wear a big nanna pad… LOL problem solved!


Thanks everyone for your responses, bar Verita… :o)

All in all TD looks heaps better than Contiki!