Useful Info for kiwis moving to the UK


I thought I would share this useful piece of info I found out today.

I am flying to London via Hong Kong and my luggage allowance is 20kg plus 7kg carry-on

I am going to be living in London for two years after my Topdeck trip so thought I would take my winter gear with me to save me having to buy everything new over there.

My excess luggage through Cathay Pacific is USD60 per kilo.

I looked at going through an excess baggage company and the cheapest rates were about 300-400 NZD for a 10kg suitcase which would take 84 days by sea. and up to 800 if you wanted it there in 5-10 days (I looked at almost all the different companies)

If you send it through NZ post a 10kg box is going to cost me about $216 to send and will be there within 3 weeks.

I never thought posting it would be the cheapest option!!!

I hope this is useful for someone else too :slight_smile:


Hi there. Just another thought also… My sister moved to London last June, and suggested not to bring clothes I really don’t need. She said clothes in London are cheap! And that winter clothes u would have in NZ aren’t even warm enough for the London winter. So I’m packing pretty minimal… Mainly summer things and a few warm things for my top deck trips, then plan on buying most winter clothes over there :slight_smile: