Usage of Isic Card


Hey peps,[br][br]i will actually be heading over to europe and was wondering if the International Student Card is useful. As i have a student card issued by my school, i was wondering if this is good enough to be accepted for those tickets that require student cards for discounted prices? any help is greatly appreciated!


To get student discounts on topdeck you need an ISIC card, they don’t accept normal school student cards.[br]Hope that helps.


I showed my University ID card from NZ all over Europe, UK, USA and Hong Kong and got a student discount everywhere one was offered. Including some Topdeck optionals. Only slight problem I ever had was 1 place questioned why my card didn’t have an expiry date which I couldn’t really answer since it’s the University who makes that decision when creating the cards, but they still gave me the student price.[br][br]They don’t seem to care what card you have or where you’re a student, they just want to see that you are a student. So from my experiences, any student card should be enough.


alrighty then. thanks to all for your replies!