USA Stars & stripes April 2016


Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone else is doing the stars and stripes tour departing April 12 2016? I am travelling solo, bit nervous but really excited and cant wait!


I am!


Hi! My partner and myself are both booked for this tour! Looking forward to it


Hi everyone! My husband Jeremy & I are booked in to do the 12 April 2016 American Dream tour (which is a combination of the Stars & Stripes and Southern Charm tours), so we’ll be seeing you guys soon - just over 3 months to go :smiley:

I’ve created a Facebook group for the American Dream tour, which you are all more than welcome to join, we can hopefully use it for group communication and sharing all of our photos and stories :smile:


Awesome :smile:
Just under 3 months to go! Where are you travelling from?


Awesome :slight_smile:
Just under 3 months to go! Where are you travelling from?


Hi, I’m doing the American Dream Tour leaving in April so I will be joining you all too :slight_smile: I am also travelling solo!


Thanks for joining the FB group Santo and Chloe! Hopefully we can get some more people in there, otherwise I’m sure we can get everyone to join once the tour starts :smile:
We’ll be coming from Cairns, Queensland Rach - how about everyone else?


I’m leaving from Brisbane. Is anyone looking at booking a trip to Alcatraz?


No probs! Wish the app was working for USA. I’m coming from Perth.


Yeah!! :slight_smile: Perth u?


Im travelling from Sydney, but I’m going to Hawaii first for a couple of days before flying over to LA :smile:


Hi Eve, I have joined the facebook group :smile:


Hi Everyone, I just realized there was a chat for the Stars and Stripes tour. I’m Amy, 21 and from New Zealand. I am also traveling solo and traveling America first before moving to the UK on a two year visa. I’m staying an extra 2 nights in LA as well as 3 nights in New York. (still need to book accommodation so if anyone knows of any good places let me know! The ones top deck have put us in aren’t that great so am looking elsewhere :slight_smile: ) I’ve joined the group page and I’m super excited for the trip. If you want to know more, find me on Facebook -Amy Cooksley :slight_smile:


Hey my fiancee kym and i are leaving from brisbane aswell, looking forward to it


Hi Everyone!
Ive just booked this tour and cant wait!!
Ive also just joined your facebook group as well :slight_smile: