USA Roadtrip departing Feb 28th (ex NY)


Hey guys! Just wondering who was on this tour? I have 4 days post accommodation, does anyone else have any time before the tour starts??


yes i do pre and post ill cya there add me on Facebook Robert Burnett if you want to catch up Pre Tour ii arrive at JFK on the 24th late at night


Oh awesome! Pretty sure that’s when I get in as well :slight_smile:️ Uh yeah so I had a look and there’s not a chance in hell I can find you on Facebook! Haha where are you from?


Hey! I’m doing the same trip as you guys. I get into NY on the evening of the 25th. If anyone wants to add me on FB my name on there is Meg Silver and it says I’m from Townsville.


Oh awesome, would be great to catch up before the tour. heres the link to my facebook, i cant find you guys.


Hi all, how did you guys find the tour? My partner and I are thinking of doing it this Feb.