USA Road Trip June 7th 2017


My fiancé and I are getting married April 22nd 2017 and then travelling on our FIRST TopDeck tour :grinning: we are really excited!!

We would love to connect with people on this same tour before hand. We would love to meet other newleyweds :heart_eyes:


Hey! My name is James.

I am going to be shifting to this tour, as my original tour was cancelled due to low bookings. Very much looking forward to this. It should be amazing!

Sorry to say I’m not a newlywed, and probably won’t be unless something crazy, miraculous happens in the next 5 and a bit months. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be travelling solo.


163 days and counting :grinning:
Soooo excited. Have you downloaded the Topdeck App? This tour has now come available.
I might create a Facebook group so we can all mingle (if people choose to)


Here is a link to my new FB page :grinning:


160 Days to go, and it’s almost “this year”!!

I was flicking through the brochure, and it looks like we’ll probably be joined by people booked on:

Southwest States - June 7th to 21st
The Big Easy - June 7th to 26th
Sunshine States - June 21st to July 3rd
Southern Charm - June 24th to July 3rd

I’m not sure if it’s 100% guaranteed that those people will be a part of our tour as well. I guess it probably depends on total numbers. But my Europe Topdeck trip was like that where people left part way through, and others joined. So it could be worth keeping an eye out on these forums for people on those trips and invite them to the group!


Hi! I’m a solo travel doing “the big easy” starting on the 7th of June in LA and finishing off in Miami on the 27th June. I’m guessing this tour is linked to “road trip USA”.
I plan on staying in USA until the 5th of July. If anyone’s keen on heading anywhere along the lines of Cancun/Cabo in Mexico, Cuba or Bahamas anytime between the 28thjune- 3rd July let me know:) also I’m going to be in LA for the 4th of July and would love to party it up so let me know :slight_smile: