Usa Road Trip 31st Jan


Hey Guys,
24days and counting!!! Getting very excited! Traveling solo for the first time is there anyone else out there thats a solo first timer??


Hey Chelle!
I’m Alanah, I’ll be on this trip as well! Super dooper excited! When do you arrive in LA?


Hey, excited too!!! I have also planned one tour next month with my family. We are staying in London for 3 days.


Hey Alanah,
Awesome! Arrive in LA on the 30th.
How about you?


Nice one, where abouts are you coming from? I’m from Sydney
And I arrive on the 27th Jan, gonna do some exploring by myself for a couple of days beforehand :smiley:


Oh nice, i wish i was coming over a little earlier didnt really think about it at the time :grin: Im coming from Perth. Not long now :airplane: