USA cell phone suggestions


Most of the forum members are from Australia or NZ, but how about us (few) Americans here… what are you guys doing (or have done) regarding cell phones? [br]I went to Israel a few years ago and rented a phone, but I was only out of the country for 2 weeks, so it wasn’t so bad. I plan on being out of the country for something like 3 months this time, so a cell phone rental would get pretty costly. Any ideas or suggestions? [br][br]- Arielle[br][br]summer fun & sailing; 21 August


I asked this same question a while back, but as you said, not many Americans have posted on this forum so I never really got a good answer. But from what little research I have done, this is what I’ve found out: if you have AT&T or T-Mobile you can add international roaming to your plan for the time you are going to be in Europe. But if you have Verizon or Sprint-there phones aren’t compatible on European networks. [br][br]I have AT&T and they have a package(I think it’s called world traveler or something like that) where you can pay $5.99 a month extra on your monthly bill and all calls made(incoming and outgoing) are $.99/minute. Which is still kind of pricey but better than paying $1.29/minute without the world traveler package. I don’t plan on making many calls back hone anyways while I’m in Europe from my cell, so I think I can keep my costs to a minimum. I’m maily going to keep in touch with my friends and family back home via email and just have my phone in case of emergencies and things like that.[br][br]But of course, the other carriers will differ so this information might be totally irrelevant to you, but if you do have AT&T, you should definitely look into the world traveler package before you leave and see if it fits your needs.[br][br]Hope that helps.


yeah… unfortunately I have Verizon. I think i’ll be relying on email and skype a lot![br][br]summer fun & sailing; 21 August