USA & Canada May Tour


My name is Jade and I have just booked my USA and Canada tour for May 10th 2016! I was just posting to see if anyone else was coming so that maybe we could have a chat before we go and potentially meet up in New York! I’m so excited! I’m 21 this year so I happily go over legally able to drink, i’m also from Queensland in Australia!



I’m Andrew from Christchurch, New Zealand. I’m booked on this tour too. I only arrive in New York on the Monday the 9th (around midday, from Frankfurt) and fly to Ottawa on the Sunday afternoon after the tour so don’t have much/any time before/after the tour :frowning: . Probably should have left a day or so later or something, but too late now.

I’ve done a few Contiki tours around the place but this will be my first Top Deck tour.


Hi!! I just booked this tour :)) super excited! My name is Emma and I am from Perth, Australia. I am travelling solo and get to NYC on the 9th May and will stay in NYC after the tour for about a week. Did a topdeck tour last year which was amazing so very excited for this one :smile:


hi my name is Nathan I am 27 and i’m from Melbourne, I am also coming on this tour I have been reading all the other comments and thought it was about time to stick on a message lol, I can’t wait to meet everybody. Ill be flying to New York the day before the tour starts and I fly home the day after we finish up. i’m planning on staying at the hotel that the tour starts from, but do not know where I am staying for my last night, if anybody else is staying the extra night in New York and knows of some reasonably good cheap accommodation let me know, this will be my first trip out of Australia and I’m travelling on my own, I am hoping to see some hockey games in Canada and definitely have some pancakes :yum:

if anyone wants to get in contact with me and have a chat or possibly organise to catch up here is my email address:



So only about another month to go. Hopefully it will be a little bit warmer, but not too much, than it is at the moment :-). If anybody wants to do any getting to know/stalking, andrewkiw finds me on Facebook, and andkiw on Twitter and Instagram.


I’m staying at Hi Hostel after the tour which isn’t far from where the tour starts :slight_smile: Can’t believe you haven’t been out of Australia!!! you are going to have such a good time!
I’m also hoping we have time to see a hockey game :slight_smile:


hi Emma, great to hear from someone and it is good to know there is at least one more person who is interested in watching some ice hockey :+1: I still have not booked my before and after accommodation but a friend of mine has recommended The Hotel Wolcott or the Pennsylvania Hotel
The hotel that the tour starts from the Marrakesh hotel NYC apparently is in a crappy area with not much to see, but I’m not really sure. I’m going to ask around and try to stay closer to time square. being my first trip, and I wasn’t sure about staying in a hostel but might look into it. Are you flying thru Melbourne or Sydney to New York ?


Yeah it’s on the west side of Manhattan but I’m staying there because it’s cheap and hostels are a good way to meet other people :slight_smile: but since it’s only one night for you a nice hotel might be a good end to your trip :slight_smile:
I’m flying west, via Singapore and Frankfurt!


Hi Emma you don’t happen to be flying into New York on Singapore Airlines SQ26 on the 9th do you?


Yes I am! Hahaha!!!
Also I re read your earlier post about staying longer, Singapore airlines let me change my flight for only $60 so maybe you could look into doing that if you wanted to stay longer.


Hi Emma. So you’re SQ26 from Singapore? Me too, but disjointed. I’m Christchurch to Singapore (SQ298) and Frankfurt (SQ26) on the 5th of May and then continue on to New York (SQ26) on the 9th. Are you staying in the Marrakech that pre-night too? I could have arranged a private transfer and shared with you instead of the shared transfer I’ve booked, it’s so nice having somebody with a sign with your name on it waiting for you at the airport :-).

After the tour I’ve got a few nights in Ottawa already booked and paid for and 3 different airlines (United (1 flight), Air Canada (2 flights) and Air New Zealand (2 flights)) coming home so not that easy to change unfortunately.


yeah from singapore. So we will be on the same plane from frankfurt to Nyc :slight_smile:
I’m staying at Hi Hostel which is just around the corner from Marrakech, shame we didn’t know earlier!
We should make a facebook group for our tour!!
My facebook is Emma Boni :slight_smile:


Yay, the forum is working again

Hi. I hope you won’t be up near the front of the plane while I suffer down the back :-). Looks like your hostel has a better rating on Google than our hotel, and there’s a McDonalds and a couple of Dunkin’ Donuts within a block or so :slight_smile: . I think it’s Go Airlink Shuttle that my travel agent has booked me on (I haven’t got my documentation from her yet).

Yes a Facebook group, done


Hi :nerd_face::vulcan_salute: does anybody have any good ideas on what they are going to do once the tour ends, because I am able to change my flights for free once I’m over there and would be happy to stay in New York A bit longer and tag along with anybody who is happy to have some company I still haven’t booked my extra accommodation yet I’m planning on doing so as soon as I can figure out all of these confusing accommodation websites lol , i’ve been trying to get in touch with my travel agent with no response she finally responded back last night and she has been hospitalised so I have to now be transferred to another agent to finish up my transactions :-1:


hi does anybody know if we need to have the waiver to enter Canada my travel agent told me that we don’t because we’re going in by land ? he said we just needed the US 1, but he said that he was not quite sure does anybody know


Yep, the Canadian eTA is only needed if you are arriving by air. The first two questions are passport nationality and if you are travelling to Canada by air. Answer No to the by air question and it says “No eTA required” and doesn’t let you continue. I’m flying to Canada after the tour so I got one, took longer to fill in than for it to be approved.

And yes you will want/need a USA ESTA.


hi okay thanks I really appreciate that when the travel agent told me I was a bit confused because the first travel agent I was dealing was the one that told me I needed a US and Canadian Visa waiver, he said yesterday that if I end up needing one that the tour guide will help me to get it before we head in but it just seems like a lot of screwing around and they should know they are the ones who book holidays and tour’s for a living,


Visa-waiver is a program/agreement that lets people from a country gain entry to another country, as a tourist, without getting a visa before hand. Just turn up at the border and as long as you don’t have any criminal convictions, look like you are going to be able to support yourself as a tourist (no working etc) and then leave (no overstaying) etc then you are good to go. The USA and now Canada have an additional requirement of letting them know ahead of time some extra information about you and that you are coming by filling out an online form (and paying some money). An approved ESTA or eTA is not a visa and is not a guarantee that you will get one when you arrive. It’s been nearly two years since I last got an ESTA (my current one expires in August this year), but basically if you are going to the USA under the visa waiver program then get/you need an ESTA, see here. Canada’s eTA ( specifically states it is only for people arriving by air.


Hey guys! I’m Jess and booked on this tour too :slight_smile: I am from Perth, Australia and traveling solo as well. I’ve done topdeck in the US before and loved it so very excited for this tour. I only get to NYC on the 9th but will be staying for 2 weeks after the tour. Feel free to look me up on Facebook (Jess Rowlands) would love to chat!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi Jess. You’re the Jess with pink hair in your Facebook profile picture? You aren’t also arriving on Singapore Airlines SQ26 are you? :-).