USA & Canada adventure leaving September 13th


Hi, I’m booked in for this tour leaving the 13th September I’m doing this solo and just seeing anyone else on here ??


Hi Daniel,

I’m also doing this trip solo! First time travelling on a tour so I’m a tad nervous but more excited!

I’m from Melbourne and will be spending a few days in NY pre or post the tour, not sure as yet. How about yourself?



Hi Diane,
I arrive in New York on the 10th of September so i have three days before the tour :), im flying in from Perth.

I have been to the states before but never been on a tour solo and also never been to Canada so def excited



Hey guys!

I am also doing this trip solo. I’m not going to lie, i’m pretty nervous but i’m sure we’ll have a blast.
I’m currently living on the central coast of NSW but originally from NZ.

I’m flying into Houston and then will be spending a couple of days in NY either side of the tour.

Add me on Facebook if you can find me… Harriet Forrest!


Hi guys, Julia from Berlin, Germany here. I will also be doing this tour solo. Looking forward to a good time with you guys. Only around 100 days left. Really excited!


Hi Julia and Harriet!

Great to see more solo travellers doing this trip - can’t wait!

I’ll be staying at the Marrakech Hotel a couple of days before the tour if anyone’s keen to catch up for some NY sightseeing and also staying on a few extra days after the trip.

Can’t believe it’s only 100 days or so to go!! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I’m also doing this trip solo, I’m from Sydney. I’m planning on staying in New York a few days each side of the trip so if anyone wants to meet up beforehand that’d be great :slight_smile:
Can’t wait!!


Hey everyone!
Im Allie, im 18 from Dubbo NSW and i will also be travelling solo.
This will be my second time to the states. I have only recently returned from a topdeck tour of the west coast and it was so amazing I had to book another one!
planning on staying in new York for a few extra days either before or after the tour, haven’t decided yet.
Really looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi Diane!

I’d be keen to meet up to do some sightseeing before the tour (who else is keen??).
I’ll probably be staying at ‘HI NYC Hostel’ in the next block from Marrakech hotel (arriving 10 Sept) and will also stay on in NY for a couple of nights after the tour.

Can’t wait to meet you all!!


Good to see so many solo travellers on this tour as well !!
I’m arriving in New York on the 10th would be good to catch up before the tour starts.
I am also staying 7 days in new york after.

is anyone else travelling else where after the tours ???


Awesome! It looks like there is a few of us arriving early and staying on too so I’m up for some sightseeing for sure :slight_smile:


hey guys, I just created an event page for this trip on facebook so we can find each other easily and maybe start a group conversation on facebook, the link is


I’m arriving on the 8th September and staying for 5 days in NY after the tour. And then going to Orlando as well after :slight_smile:


Hi All, It’s only a week away now (almost!) and getting very excited
Would love to meet up the night before if anyone is free and interested :slight_smile: