USA & Canada Adventure June 19th 2017


Hi Guys,

My name is Sofie, 23 years old and I’m a solo traveller from The Netherlands :slight_smile: I was wondering if anyone else is also on this trip, would be great to chat before the trip departs!


Hi Sofie,

Im Nicole, I’m 26 solo traveller from Australia. When do you arrive into New York? Im so excited for this trip!



Hey Sofie and Nicole,

I’m Ally, also 26 and also a solo traveller from Aus :slight_smile: ! I’m doing the Maple Trail tour, which i think makes up the start of the USA & Canada Adventure! When do you both get into NYC?


Nice to meet you Nicole and Ally! I’m very excited as well, only 3 more months to go :smile: I’m visiting my friend in Canada first, but will be arriving in NYC on Friday June 16th in the evening. I will also be staying in NYC till Sunday July 2th after the trip. Can’t wait to explore the city, will be so amazing! How about you guys?

Do you also know which hotel/hostel we will be meeting up when the trip starts? I have not booked my pre-accomodation with Topdeck but choosed a hostel myself, I can still change it tho :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! How’s it going? I’m Lizzy. Solo traveller from Australia :slight_smile:
I’m arriving in NYC on the Friday 16th of June and cannot wait! The countdown has truly began.


Hi Lizzy, nice to meet you! Lots of travellers from Australia, I did 2 Topdeck tours around Australia and loved it :smile: Would love to live there too haha.

I just figured out which hostel the trip will start and luckily it’s the same one I already booked. Did everyone booked the same accomodation as well? Would be fun to meet up for drinks!


Hey guys! Definitely keen to meet up for some drinks! I will be with friends until the 18th, but i’ll book at the hostel for that night, so i’ll be around!


Hey Guys!

oh my god I’m so excited! I arrive on the 18th June into NYC at about 7am, I have booked my hostel at the HI New york - where we are due to be picked up from on the 19th. So I will just head straight to the Hostel and then go exploring for a few hours before I can check in. I also am booked there on the 30th - 3rd July on our Return into NYC to sight see some before before I go to LA for another Topdeck Tour. I can check my booking for the hostel and we can request to be in the same room, ( we wont bother others that way when getting up on the 19th for departure).
Have you guys been to NYC before? what are some things you would like to do? I haven’t purchased a NYC pass or anything in case i met some people and we can do it together?

Im so excited to meet you all in person!

speak soon



Also keen for Drinks, chat -get to know each other on the 18th before we leave! xx


I’m very happy the trip is getting closer now!

@Nicole_Crowley Lucky you for going for antoher Topdeck Tour in LA :slight_smile: I booked the same hostel, but i’m already checking in on Friday 16th so I’m not too sure if it is possible to share a room. Very good idea tho! I did booked it from 30th to 2nd July, so maybe we will be able to share a room after the trip.

I never been in NYC before, so excited for it :smiley: Definitely want to check out the new World Trade Center and some shopping ofcourse haha. I also heard renting bikes and cycle to the Brooklyn Bridge is very popular, so maybe we can plan something like that when the trip is finished!

Btw: I want to make a Facebook Group, would be great if you guys can join so we can keep in touch more easily :slight_smile: I need to invite at least 1 fb friend tho to create the group, can someone add me? My full name is Sofie van Hattem



Yeah I’m so excited to explore NYC, I really want to do the new World Trade Centre and rent a bike out to cycle to brooklyn Bridge. There is so much to do. I really would like to go to the 9/11 memorial and look at the museum as well, I have friends that said it was amazing to see. But definitely keen to explore after the trip with you all.

@Sofie, i have added you on Facebook today. I hope i got the right person. Im happy to be apart of the the Facebook group.


Would definitely be more fun to explore the city together :smiley: Also very excited to see the other cities like Washington and Toronto!

I made a Facebook group named USA & Canada Adventure June 19th 2017, hopefully you can all join.

Link to the group:


Hey guys! Sounds like we all want to see pretty similar things :slight_smile: I really want to see the 9/11 memorial and the new World Trade Centre. And probably see what Little Italy has to offer.
I arrive on the 16th too @Sofie at the same hostel. It’ll be nice to get to know everyone before hand.


Hey everyone! I’ve just booked at the hostel for the night of the 18th, so some drinks that night to meet everyone sounds great! I’ve been to NYC a few times - all your ideas are great! Chinatown is also great fun, not to mention the amazing food! You’ll all love it.
Thanks for setting up the fb group Sofie! I’ll be sure to join it :slight_smile:


Hey everyone. I just booked for this trip as well!! I’m Tamar, 22 and also going to be a solo traveller from Australia.


Hey guys!
I just booked this trip as well. I’m Emily and Im 22 years old. I get to NYC on the 16th of July but I havent book any accomodation yet! Maybe I could request to share a room with one of you guys! Also i just joined the facebook group :slight_smile: I would love to meet up with anyone doing this trip I can’t wait! Where is everyone staying?


When it gets a bit closer, if everyone is staying at the HI NYC hostel the night before we should set a meeting time for afternoon drinks and some dinner! I don’t know the area we will be in, but its not far for a subway ride into times square or we could walk to find somewhere nearby! So glad so many have connected before the Trip!
It should be Amazing!
can’t wait to meet you all soon!


Hi guys! I’m Lucy and a solo traveller from Australia! I’m getting into NYC on the 12th of June and I’m staying at the HI the whole time so I would love to meet up with people who are getting there early!! I’m super keen for this trip!


Hey! I’m Donna from New Zealand and I’m just about to book myself onto this trip! I’ve done a bit of travel around Asia and Europe but this will be my first solo trip! Looking forward to escaping the freezing cold winters here! :smiley:


Hey! Zane from Australia, getting to NYC a day before. first international, coming with a friend :slight_smile: