USA & Canada Adventure - July 1 2018 to July 14 2018


Hi all!
I’m from Geelong, Australia…
I haven’t officially booked yet … (if I get at least one response from somebody friendly it’ll be a giant push to book)… but I was wondering if anybody else has booked for this trip or was interested in doing so?

It is always easier having a chat and knowing at least one or two other people potentially on the same tour!

I was also thinking of arriving at least 2-3 days before the tour begins so I can check out the awesome city and also settle in to the groove of being overseas for the first time!

Don’t be shy to msg me (:


I was actually looking at doing this tour! It looks so intriguing! I’m from Albury!! Haven’t done the US/Canada yet!!


I just booked it officially!!! So excited! You should too. Would be so much fun! :slight_smile:


Omg yesss book it!! Hahaha how awesome would that be !!


I’m from Belfast, Northern Ireland!
I was actually thinking of booking this trip but with being at university I don’t know how I will be able to afford to go…
Hoping I can convince my parents to get me an early Christmas present :wink: If I do book it I’ll message you guys on the top deck app.



Haha! It isn’t easy!! :frowning:
I’m also at university but my timetable has worked out well this whole year so I’ve been working ALOT!
Try and make it!! Would be so awesome to meet you :slight_smile:


Hi guys! My friend (Perth) and I (Adelaide) are doing this trip!! So excited. We’ve started a Facebook group if you’d like to join its called USA and Canada adventure 1/7/18


This trip looks awesome. I’ve been to a few of the spots and they’re all amazing. Especially in summer.


Hi everyone! Trying to decide where to go for my 4th Topdeck trip and to get my countries visited up to 30+! been thinking about doing this trip as i have made friends with people who live in the US, so this might be the best one for me :slight_smile:


Hey Cam! Lucky you - seem like you’ve traveled loads!! This is my first ever overseas trip… 99days to go for me (I’m arriving earlier than the tour start date) can you imagine how excited I am lol. There’s quite a few of us in a group chat on the Topdeck app so if you book this trip (we’re doing it July 01-14) then message us there or you can add me on fb :slight_smile: