USA & Canada Adventure - Departing 30th August 2016


Hey there,

Im Natalie, from New Zealand and Ill be 36 when we leave for this tour in August 2016.

I just wanted to see if I could find anyone else on the same tour and connect.

Get in touch - be nice to get to know people before hand.



Hi Natalie!

I’m Lauren and I’ll be on this trip too. I’ll be 25 by the time the trip rolls around and I’m from Brisbane, Australia.

Looking forward to meeting you.



Hello Natalie and Lauren!

I just booked this tour, I’m so excited to meet you and everyone on this trip. I’ll be turning 30 on this trip. I’m thinking of staying a couple of days in New York before or after the trip, I’m not sure yet.

See you soon!



Hi guys!

I’m excited to see a thread with others for this trip!

I’m booked on this tour with 2 other friends, we’re for the UK and aged between 29 - 32… It’s my 30th birthday trip :grin: We’ll be in NY for a few days before and after the tour, then flying to Las Vegas!

Looking forward to meeting you all - 102 days to go!

Emma x


Hello Emma!

Thanks so cool we will both be turning 30 on this trip.:birthday: By birthday is on the 6th of September, when is your birthday?

I will also be in New York a couple of days before the trip, maybe we’ll see each other before the trip starts.



My birthday isn’t until the 2nd November, but I don’t fancy NY in the cold so I’m celebrating early! How amazing that your birthday is actually during the trip! :smiley:

Have you booked your pre-tour accommodation yet?


I’m looking. I heard a lot of good things from the Larchmont Hotel by Washington Square Park. I have a co-worker that frequents New York often and she has stayed here before and thought that it was great. I’m also looking at HI NYC Hostel, what I like about this hostel it that its right next to the meeting location on the 30th of August.

I don’t know what I’ll decide on doing but these two are on the top of my list.

What about you? Have you and your two friends booked any hotel yet.

So I booked my pre-tour accommodations. I’ll be staying at The New York Edition, I got a great deal, and in the middle of everything.


Oh my god - I cant believe I missed all these replies to my own conversation!! So sorry girls… Hoorah - I’m so glad you are all on the tour with me. Was starting to think that I may be alone on a big bus! haha.

I am in NYC for a couple of days before hand too - arrive on the 27th August really early in the morning and am staying at The Lexingtion and then at our pe accom for the night before…

If you gals feel like a pre tour wine/meet and greet or want to tag along on some touristy stuff with me you are very welcome to…


So glad to have some more gals joining the same trip - Ill be plodding around NYV before and after the tour for a couple of days either side so if you want to meet up before let me know - I’m going to be a bit touristy so the more the merrier… Nat


Hello Natalie!

I’ll be arriving in New York very late on the 26th or early on the 27th depending on how you look at it. I definitely plan on playing the tourist, I’m looking forward to see a Broadway show while in there.

It would be awesome if we can meet beforehand, that would be fun!



That sounds good - I was also wanting to do a show when I was there. Pretty sure I arrive around 7.30am on the 27th so yeah lets catch up for a wine to celebrate that we are in NYC!!



Add me on Facebook so that we can get in touch when in new york.



I’ve just booked this tour this week, I’m arriving on the 29th and leaving on the 11th September.


Hello - that’s brilliant. I arrive on the 26th for a couple of days before and then after - should we all meet and greet at the tour hotel the night before for a wine?


Girls - if any of you are around before the tour let me know - be nice to meet you all before hand if you would like to. Ive got myself a New York Pas so will be wandering around NYC for three days before hand - get in touch :smiley:


That sounds like a plan, I’m staying at the tour hotel on the 29th and also the 10th - It’s my first tour and just figured it was easier.


Excellent - will see you soon


Not long to go!


Are there any arrangements for a pre tour meet yet?