USA & Canada Adventure - Departing 24th July 2017


Anyone else booked for this trip?
I am from the UK travelling solo, should it would be great to get to know people also on this trip before we go! :o)


Hi Ash, I’m booked on this trip! Also from the UK (but an Australian) travelling solo :slight_smile:


Hi Laura! :slight_smile:
Good to hear there is someone else!
Im just keeping my fingers crossed that it guarantees so I can get the flights booked.
Have you travelled with Top Deck before?


Hi Ash and Laura, I am also booked onto this and from the uk too! :grinning:


Hi Laura! :slight_smile:
Are you just doing this trip? Or have any other places to visit after this trip?


Hi Ash,
I am doing another tour after with a different company a few days after, as the other TD tours didn’t fit where I wanted to go. I did a tour with Topdeck in Australia a few years back, it was amazing, Alan the guide was great. What about you?


Ah I wanted to stay and do a bit more, but I cannot get the holidays from work. So I will probably stay a couple of days after to explore New York then back home.
I did the East Coast of Australia in 2014 with Alan too! He is amazing.


Oh that’s a shame, I am hoping to fly out on the 22nd so get a day in NY before the tour starts and have hopefully a day after too. How funny, I did the East Coast in 2012!


I’ve done a sail Croatia with topdeck and it was great! My friend did a topdeck usa tour a couple of years ago and loved it too. July is still some time away so hopefully plenty of time for it to be guaranteed! Im definitely going to be in Newyork the night before the tour. I’m doing a 3 month stint of travel so haven’t actually planned the week before yet :blush:


By the way guys, don’t know if you have seen but our tour is now a guaranteed departure :grin:


Woohoo!!! No I had not seen that, time to book flights, oh and renew passport!!! Exciting :grimacing:


Hi girls!

I’m doing this tour also :slight_smile: I’m from Australia and can’t wait to meet everyone! Topdeck tours are so much fun! X


Hey Everyone,

My name is Mark! I’m from Australia too, doing this tour. Hopefully there are a few guys going as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on study exchange afterwards in Atlanta. Is everyone booking hostels for before/after? I’m tempted to book an airbnb in Jersey or Brooklyn.


Hi guys, if you download the app there is a group chat for this trip, some of us have booked tickets to see the Toronto Blue Jays on the 30th July. Onky 8 weeks to go now!! Exciting :grin:


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