USA & Canada Adventure August 2016


Hi everyone. I’m Emma from Sydney. I just booked my first solo trip ever and this is it! I’m also doing the I Love NYC tour that leaves on 29th July… I’m super excited! Who else is coming on this one?


Hi Emma!

I’m Danni from Perth and have also just booked my first solo trip ever and this is it! Are you departing on the 2nd of August?
I will have been in America for 4 weeks travelling with my best friend by this stage, however she leaves on the 30th July. We will be in NYC the week before the tour departs so if you have any days where you’re on you own you’d be more than welcome to join us! :slight_smile:



Hi Danni,

I am departing on the 2nd August for that tour.

I actually arrive in NYC on 28th July then join the I Love NYC on the 29th. Even though it is a 3 day tour the first day is doing what they have planned and then the next day is a free day and then tour ends after breakfast on the third day being the 31st July. So I have 2 full days free in NYC free before joining the USA & Canada Tour and then 1 day in NYC after the tour.

I would love to join you on those free days. Are you looking at doing anything in particular while your there - broadway shows? or just the tourist attractions?



I’m so pleased to meet someone doing the same tour and travelling solo! That works our perfectly as I’ll be on my own those days you have free in NYC! I’ve not planned anything for after the tour (except for meeting my Aunt around the 23rd August in NYC) so it’s likely I’ll be in NYC the day after the tour too. :blush:

I haven’t really looked at doing anything in particular yet but I would love to see a Broadway show! What have you had in mind? Perhaps we could plan a couple of activities?!



Me too… I had this post on here for a while with no one replying so I was super happy to see your reply :smile: This will be first time I have ever travelled solo so to meet someone doing the tour and being there before the tour is awesome.

Do you already have accommodation sorted for those days before you start the USA/Canada Tour?

I haven’t looked into much yet either. But I guess being in New York and seeing as that is where Broadway is then attending a show should be on the list.

Id definitely be interested in planning some activities for those days.


I noticed that no one had replied yet, but the tour is now guaranteed so there’s definitely more than just the two of us! Haha. I know right, this has worked out perfectly!

I haven’t sorted out any accommodation in NYC yet - have you? If not, perhaps we could work something out together?

I think a Broadway show is a must do. How do you feel about Baseball? I would love to see a New York Yankees game! :smiley:


I probably booked really early and put up my post early too. I’m not sure when people books these kind of trips.

I haven’t sorted out my accommodation yet. I did ask top deck about helping me with my before and after but they can’t do that till January. But we can definitely look into somethiing.

I agree that Broadway and baseball are a must while there. I know my NY tour already includes the Statue of Liberty, world trade centers plus a guided walking tour.

I would love to check out Central Park also. And I guess do some kind of shopping seen as though it is New York :blush:

Can I ask how old you are? And what other interests you have in New York.


Yeah, I’m not too sure either. I’m so excited for this though!

Oh okay, well January isn’t too far away now. I’d definitely be interested to see what they recommend for accommodation. Everything I have looked at so far has been quite expensive!

The tour you’re doing sounds fabulous. They’re all definitely things I’ll see while I’m there. I’m so pleased that you’re also interested in a baseball game - I think the atmosphere will be SO cool! Central Park and shopping are also a must on my list. Times Square also! I also wouldn’t mind doing a TV Show tour (Sex and the City/Gossip Girl/Law & Order) and I also want to visit Atlantic City! Additionally I’d be keen to check out the nightlife and pubs/bars!

I’ve just turned 25, yourself? Feel free to add me on Facebook too - Danni Adam. :smile:


How long are you in New York altogether for your trip? I think there is heaps to do and I don’t know if i have enough time. Definitely need to wilt it out as in what to do and the time frame to do it in.

I think the atmosphere at the baseball will be fantastic. I’m not overally interested in baseball but I think seeing in whilst there is something you couldn’t pass up.

I loved gossip girl so would definitely check out things to do with that.

The nightlife I wasn’t too fussed in but that was my thoughts when thinking I’d be by myself but to head out with someone else I would be up for it.

I am 32 will be 33 by the time I take this trip.

I’m so excited about it. It will be one of the first things I’ve done in life that is for me. Hence the excitement and also the nervousness too :blush:

I’m hoping I added you on Facebook let me know my full name is Emma McDonald.


I think I’ll end up spending about 4 weeks in New York all up and the tour on top of that. Perhaps with little trip here and there in between - my Aunt wants to go down to Tennessee from New York so stuff like that! But I’ll be over there for 11 weeks all up so I have the time to play around with - at the moment I’ve only got 5-6 weeks worth of plans!

I’m also not overly interested but agree that it’s something you couldn’t pass up! Looks like we have a few things in common so any tours/activities would work well! :smile: Was there anything else in particular that you were interested in doing whilst there?

Beautiful. I’ll be turning 26 while I’m there - end of August!

Aw, that sounds so great! Definitely exciting and there’s definitely reason to be nervous, although I’m certain we’re going to have a great time!

And yes, you got me! I look forward to getting to know you! :smiley:


Hey Danni… Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and I look forward to getting to know you over the coming months… It’s only 7 months till I leave :blush:


You’re so sweet, Emma. Thank you so much! Wishing you and your family a safe a happy Christmas and New Year. I cannot wait to see what adventures and memories 2016 has in store for us! I also look forward to getting to know you over the next 6 months (eeeek, it sounds so soon :grin:)! Take care for now, I’ll speak to you real soon! X


Hey Danni how are you? I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I was looking at extending my trip by a couple of days so I would be in New York till the 17th. Would it be ok with you to hang out those couple of extra days if you don’t have plans and we could look around New York a bit more over those days.


Hi Emma, I’m well thank you and had a lovely Christmas! I hope you’re well and have had a lovely week of festivities! :slight_smile:️ That sounds SO great! I’ve got no plans for that time so if you’re going to stay a bit longer I would love to spend those days exploring NYC with you! :grin:


Hi Danni my flight has been changed which is awesome so I’ll get an extra 3 full days in NY. :blush:


YAY! That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to explore with you!


Hi Emma,

Im doing this tour departing NYC on the 2nd August 2016 aswell! Glad I have found someone as I am solo travelling too :smile:
When do you get to NYC?


Hi Mikaela,

I’m no longer traveling solo but it’s great to hear from another person doing this tour as well.

I arrive in NY on 28th July. I’m doing the I love NY tour first and then starting this tour on the 2nd.

Where are you from?