USA & Canada adventure 2nd October 2017


Hey guys. Just booked USA & Canada adventure for October the 2nd! Anyone else booked up :slight_smile:


Hey, Im booked in on this one! So excited


Wicked :slight_smile: can’t wait! This your first top deck tri?


Nah I’ve been on a couple before, plus I have a second US one booked straight after this one. What about yourself?


Aww nice sounds good. No this is my first one. Can’t wait :grinning:


hey guys
im booked for usa canada adventure, so excited!!!


Hey :blush: Ahh wicked! I can’t wait now either counting it down haha!


im gonna have to buy a new suitcase, and a comfy pair of shoes haha, learnt my lesson of what happens when you dont have good walking shoes


I deffo need to invest in some good comfy shoes. Are you going early at all or staying later? I’m planning on getting there Saturday :slight_smile:


Hey! Where you guys staying before the tour? I’m getting in on Friday arvo


I’m staying at the hi NYC hostel should be arriving Saturday afternoon :slight_smile:


Awesome, that’s where I’m staying too!!


Ah wicked! Maybe see you there when I arrive.


Where are you guys from?


Hi Tuff, Sorry I didn’t get a notification.
Im from Birmingham (UK). what about you?


I don’t always get them either.
I’m from Australia, near Melbourne :slight_smile:


Ah wicked :slight_smile:
is this your first time going the USA? I cant wait!


Yeah it is! So pumped!
I’m actually doing 2 tours back to back.
What about you? First time?


What tour are you doing after it? What day wil that start? Aaah ide love to do more but I can’t get time off work :slightly_frowning_face:
Yeh this is my first time in the USA and my first time doing a long haul flight and on my own so excited but also a little nervous haha.


I’m doing the road trip USA, starts on the 18th in LA. I was pretty keen to do Halloween and this one puts me in New Orleans for it!! I’ll be in the states for about 7 weeks all up I think!

Ah you’ll be fine, I was super nervous for my first solo but I ended up having the best time!