USA & Canada Adventure 22nd April, Maple Trail 22nd April or Maples and Monuments 27th April 2018


Hi there,

Is anyone else on the USA & Canada Adventure 22nd April or on the trips Maple Trail 22nd April or Maples and Monuments 27th April 2018 which overlap? I am booked on along with a friend and looking to find anyone else who is booked on :slight_smile:



Hi Sarah,

I’m on the Maple Trail that leaves on April 22 :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m travelling solo so it’ll be great to meet some new people!



Hey Sarah and Elizabeth! I’m also on the Maple trail that leaves on the 22nd :slight_smile: Booked today but have been eyeing it off for a while, finally got the go ahead from work!
Can’t wait, also travelling solo!


Hi Elizabeth and Nicola,

Great to “meet” people on here who are also on the trip. Have you got any plans for New York before the trip meets? We’re trying to sort ESTAs and that at the moment which is proving not so much fun!



My flight lands the night before so my plan so far is miraculously conquer jet lag! I’m flying back from Toronto to NYC for a few days of haemorrhaging money on broadway before a conference :smiley: how’re you going with flight in and bus out? I got confused today and decided to deal with it tomorrow :joy:


Hi Sarah, Nicola and Elizabeth,

I’m also booked for the Maple Trail that leaves on April 22. I’m coming from Australia and am glad to hear I’m not the only solo traveler. Excited to meet everyone!



Hi there

I’m also doing the maple trial on the 22nd April. I’m traveling with my friend from Australia. We arrive in New York on the 17th April. We will have already been traveling for 3 weeks before the tour starts.
Look forward to meeting you all :blush:



Hey gals!

I’ll be on the USA Canada Adventure with two of my girl friends from Australia. We’ll be flying in from LA, as we will be travelling the West Coast (yay Coachella!) beforehand.

Looking forward to meeting you guys :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey ya

So I have been looking at this trip for a little while but I’m still a little hesitant. It’ll be my first solo trip plus the furtherest I’ve been away from my home (Aus). Please help me pull the trigger and book the trip. It would be nice to know some people before I go on the trip.


I did the USA & Canada Adventure a couple of years ago. It was my first Topdeck, although I have done many Contiki trips before that. Topdeck (and Contiki) are awesome if you are a bit nervous of traveling (I was very nervous, still am) as everything is taken care of. I like doing organised tours like Topdeck as I know all I have to do is get to the start of the trip and then everything will be fine. The USA and Canada are pretty good destinations as they are quite similar to home, while being quite different at the same time.


Hey Maggie! My two friends and I are also travelling from Australia and I think you should do it! It’ll be fun to meet you and make friends with everyone on the tour. If you feel homesick, you’ve got some fellow aussies to cheer you up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There’s no better time than now?!

  • Kae xx


Is everyone from Australia?! :joy::joy:
Can’t wait! It’s so soon!


Do it, Maggie! Travel is the best, and I think that travelling solo is a great way to meet new people and discover a lot about yourself as well. Though I’ve done quite a bit of travel before, it’s never been alone, so those are some of my reasons for doing this trip!

The US (and Canada, by extension) is a good place to try travelling solo - even though it’s different to Australia it still feels familiar and they speak the same language! Travelling in a group takes a lot of the stress of organising things away, too.

I hope you decide to book! :slight_smile:


Hey Maggie, I live in Perth, WA and I’m booking this trip (3rd Aug) this week… it will be my first time going on holiday by myself!!
Butttt I’m so excited!! I hope to see you there :slight_smile:


Sounds like my friend Izzy and I are the only Brits!