USA & Canada Adventure 07 Aug - 18 Aug


My name is Tahlia and I have just booked the USA & Canada Adventure 07 Aug - 18 Aug. I am a solo traveller from Melbourne Australia. Looking at doing a couple days in LA and 1 day in NYC before the tour and 5 days in NYC after.

Anybody doing similar?

So excited! :smiley:


Hi Tahlia,
My name is Jayde and i’m also doing this tour! so awesome to talk to someone i’ll spending almost two weeks with!
i’m thinking about doing something similar after the tour, but haven’t quite gotten around to planning before it yet! I’ll be spending 7-8 weeks before this tour over in Europe with a friend, however will also be travelling solo in the USA!

Feel free to add me on facebook- Jayde Robinson


Hi Jayde!

So great to “meet” you haha
Wow that’s so great you are travelling across Europe and USA! What an amazing experience for you.

That’s cool you are looking at doing a similar thing, I was hoping there would be a few people staying back in NYC. I was thinking about doing another Topdeck tour in NYC that goes for 5 days but I am undecided.

I wasn’t sure which Jayde Robinson you are on facebook so I’ve pasted the link to my facebook below, feel free to add me and we can have a chat :slight_smile:


Hi Tahlia and Jayde,

I am doing the previous tour, but planning to spend some time before and after the tour exploring, so once I have got it planned I will let you know, would be good to meet some other lone travellers :slight_smile:

Laura x


Hi Laura

Sounds good! Would be great to meet up with some other travellers. Feel free to add me on Facebook and we can chat about our plans once they are sorted :slight_smile:


Hi Tahlia, Jayde and Laura!

I’m Julie from Geelong, Australia, 26yo. I’m a solo traveller also and will be on this tour. I’ll be in New York two days before the tour begins.

I’ve booked the ‘Empire State of Mind’ 5 day NYC tour after the 12 day tour but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. I’ll still stay in NYC for that time if the tour doesn’t go ahead before flying to San Francisco for 3 days before heading home.

Feel free to add me on Facebook too - Julie Hirth



Hey Julie! Great to meet you.

I am considering booking the Empire State of Mind tour as well, it looks like it is pretty good value. If I don’t book the tour or it doesn’t go ahead I’ll be staying in nyc until 24/08 then I’m flying to LA for three days and flying home from there. Looks like we have similar plans haha I’ve added you on Facebook, would love to have a chat :slight_smile:



Hi ladies! I’m 27yrs old from Canberra and also travelling solo on this tour - I’m so glad I saw this chat thread to find out that there are others in the same boat travelling solo as I was getting super nervous about it! :slight_smile:

I’ll be in NYC for a week beforehand so would love to meet up before the tour too!

My tour is the 15 day Road to the Windy City but the first 12 days is the USA & Canada adventure and then it says on my itinerary that on day 12 in Washington I’ll join another coach for the rest of the way onto Chicago.

I’d love to chat further on Facebook - Jacqui Day :slight_smile:


Hi girls! So happy to have found you all as I am also travelling solo on this trip.

Im 24, from Christchurch, New Zealand, but have been living in Auckland for the past 5 years.

I am on the same 15 day Road to the Windy City tour as Jacqui says above, and have booked to stay 6 nights in NYC before the tour, and the same in Chicago post tour (although I am going to see a friend in Iowa in this time too). So would love to meet up before the tour with you all!

Would love to chat more, feel free to add me on facebook x


Hey everyone I’m Claire from England. I’m on the USA and Canada adventure starting on the 7th of August. I’m travelling with my best friend Naomi on the trip but I’m in NYC for about a week either side of the tour. I spent New year in New York and fell in love with the place so i can’t wait to get back. I usually travel with Contiki, so my first time travelling with a topdeck. Can’t wait to meet everyone and have an awesome time. X


Hey Claire!

So excited to meet both yourself and your friend Naomi!
New York looks perfect so i cannot wait to explore!


Hey Julie, just wondering if you ended up going on the Empire State of Mind tour?? I’m looking into it and just wanted to find out some more info on it! Thanks, Mariah :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m from Perth booked this tour 2 days ago, was meant to go in May but had to postpone, I’m absolutely amped for this !!


Hey guys! I’m Amy from the UK. I will have just turned 26 and a solo traveller. Can’t wait for the trip! x