USA & Canada Adventure 05 July 16


Hi everyone,

Im all booked for this trip, anyone else out there on it too



I’m going :slight_smile: do we have a facebook group?


Hey guys! I’ll be there :slight_smile: Was there a facebook page? Am happy to set one up if not Is anyone in NYC prior to the tour departing?


Hi! I am! I am planning on booking a room the night before at that hotel. Not sure how late they accept checkin there though?
And no Facebook group I have found yet!?


Hi guys,

Facebook page; please feel free to join and add me on Facebook if you’d like: Nikki Jarvis :slight_smile:



I am also going and have joined the facebook group :smile:



Hey Nikki,

I’m arriving in New York on the 2nd July. When do you get there?



Hey - what hotel? I dont know where the tour picks up from


I get in to NYC some time on the 2nd July, am arriving from another Topdeck tour (Coast to Coast). Do you have plans for 3rd/4th yet?


No we won’t receive any of the details until a couple of weeks before is what I was told. Seems strange to leave it that late!


I don’t have any plans yet. What about you? 4th July should be a good day/night though!


Oh man - I didn’t even click until reading your reply that we’ll be in USA on 4th July!! We totally have to go out haha!
No plans yet - but probably the normal touristy stuff and will try and cram as much as I can in to 2days!


Hey guys! My friend Ash and I have also just booked this tour and will join the Facebook group now :slight_smile: