USA & Canada - 2 August 2016!


Hey Everyone!

Just trying to find others who have booked for the USA & Canada Adventure departing on 2nd August, 2016?!

I’m Danni from Perth, Australia and I’m 25 years old. This will be my first time traveling to the States and I’m doing majority of my trip solo! I’m really looking forward to this adventure and I’m super keen to meet others doing this tour too!

Chat soon,


Hi Danni, I’m Trista, I will be travelling with Emma from Sydney :slight_smile:

Look forward to meeting you in NYC, as I have read we will both be celebrating our birthdays whilst over there :slight_smile: we will be on the tour when I celebrate my 29th Birthday (Day 4 - 5 August) hopefully the 3 of us can have some fun celebrating



Hey Danni!

Nice to hear of another girl travelling solo & going on this tour! Im 21, from NZ and super nervous & excited about this trip! Its not far away now (:


Hey Nina,
Me and my friend Trista are also on this trip. It’s not long at all now- can’t wait!!


Yay! So cool to talk to other people on it! Are you girls staying at the pre tour accomodation before the tour? Im there on 1st August!


We arrive the 28th as we are also doing the I Love NY tour. But before the tour we are staying at the Edison. Top Deck told us to book our own as it would be cheaper. What’s the pre tour accommodation?


Hey Nina!

I didn’t get notified of your reply, so sorry for not getting back to you sooner! I’m so glad to hear you’re also coming - I just know it’s going to be the greatest adventure! I know what you mean about feeling excited and nervous though!

I actually leave on the 30th of June so I’m spending some time seeing the West Coast and experiencing the Southern hospitality before getting to NYC! I arrive in NYC on the 26th with my best friend who flies back to Perth on the 30th and we’re staying at the Night Hotel, Times Square. One of the girls I work with has also booked on this tour now with her younger sister and they also got a room at the Night Hotel. You’re more than welcome to stay with us and share my room the night before the tour, if you like, and we can explore!

Feel free to add me on Facebook, as it’s probably easier to chat on there - Danni Adam :slight_smile:


Hey Girls,
Only 74 days to go until we start our adventure. Looking forward to seeing all the sites to come with the tour.
Will be all the more fun with Danni & I both having our birthdays whilst we are in the States :smile:

Trista :slight_smile:


hi all! my name is Tegan and i’ll be celebrating my 20th birthday in the US two weeks after this trip! ( a youngen’ i know) . i am from victoria and this is my first ever solo overseas trip! im very nervous and excited at the same time. i am hopeless at decision making and booking holidays as this is my first! so i was hoping that by doing the tour at the start of my 4 week overseas trip ( i fly in the 1st) i could meet and connect with like minded people on the trip and hopefully be able to further my travels and experiences with them throughout my time in the US. my original plan to visit the US was to spend time with my two best friends who i haven’t seen in 18 months who now live over there. but due to their working schedule as nannies my original plans to spend as much time with them as possible may not work out as i hoped. so was hoping to see if i could get to know you all a bit more.
are any of you flying in the same day or around that time that could suggest any cheap hostels or accommodation for the night v=before our tour? :smile: cant wait to meet you all


Hi Tegan! I’m so excited that more and more of us are connecting on here. When’s your birthday? Mine’s also after the tour - on the 27th of August! It sounds like this is going to be the first solo trip for many of us. I can completely understand the nervous/excited feeling - I am leaving in a little over a month and am starting to stress! Haha. I’ll be in NYC from from 26th of July so I’ll definitely be there when you arrive. I am so jealous of your two friends who live there - not that I’ve been before but I have a feeling I am going to love it! Haha. That’s such a shame about their schedules… I hope you at least get to spend SOME time with them! :slight_smile:

I, along with two other girls doing this tour, are staying at the Night Hotel in Times Square which was the cheapest we found at the time of booking - even cheaper than hostels! One hostel that was recommended to me a lot was Pod51 so maybe check the price on that too?

Are you spending your entire 4 weeks in NYC? I leave and fly to the West Coast literally straight after the tour ends but I am back back in NYC from the 23rd of August I think, to celebrate my birthday! So if you’re still around then we could perhaps meet up again?!

Can’t wait to meet you too!!! :smiley:


Hi Tegan,
My friend Emma and I am from Sydney and will be in NYC from the 28th July, we are doing the I Love NYC 3 day tour from the 29th - 31st.
We are staying at Hotel Edison before and after the tours.
Look forward to meeting you, I will be celebrating my 29th Birthday whilst we are on this tour on 5th August.

Are you on facebook?



hey girls, i did i quick bit of research and from the hotels you have suggested and individually booked with i actually found that the hotel that the tour leaves from is the cheapest? :confused:


Hey Tegan
We picked the Hotel Edison as we are staying there for a few days over the 3 1/2 weeks we are there. We got a good deal when we looked into it. And weirdly enough Top Deck actually told me to look for another hotel. They said it would work out cheaper for us.


Hey Tegan!

Are you planning on staying at the pre tour accomadation?
Ill be staying there the night before the tour departs!
Hotels in New York are craaaazy expensive!!!
Nina (:


Hey girls

I’m Emma, from NZ, and I will also be on this tour on the 2nd August. I fly in on the 1st, staying at the pre tour accommodation, if anyone is keen to explore before the tour leaves :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

Only a couple of days to go :slight_smile: still so unprepared. I’m from Perth, WA as well and I’m going solo for my first time to the US as well.

Looking forward to meeting you in person,



Hi Nathan,

Looking forward to meeting you all, looks like there are quite a few WA people attending this trip.

When do you land in NYC?