USA and Canada Adventure September 9th 2018


Hello everyone! Know it’s early but I’ve just booked in for my first Topdeck tour! :slight_smile: I’m doing the USA and Canada Adventure departing September 9 2018.

I’m hoping to get to know a few others who might also be travelling before the tour starts, and am wondering if anyone is also looking to explore NYC before/after the tour.

Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:


Hi Steph,

I was starting to feel like I may be the only one on this tour :slight_smile: I’m landing in NYC on the 5th of Sept so it would be amazing to catch up whilst in the city!

Counting down the days!



I’m so glad to read you’re also joining this tour! It’s my first time travelling with Topdeck aswell, very exciting :smile: I’ll be staying in NY after the tour to explore the city :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

I’m also going on this trip for those dates too!
This is also my first TopDeck tour and I’m pretty keen.

Where are all you guys coming from??


Hey guys! Glad to see a little group forming :slight_smile:
Did you want to download the topdeck app and we can chat on our group page? Might be a little easier!

I’m coming from Sydney!

Could definitely hang with you Becca before, and Joke I will be in NY after as well :slight_smile:

Chat to you all soon! Counting down the days til we leave!


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