USA and Canada Adventure departing July 1st 2018


Hey all! Super advanced but my friend and I have just booked a trip for the USA and Canada Adventure trip leaving NYC on July 1st 2018. This will be our second topdeck trip to USA (we met on the first one haha). We are so excited! Would love to find other people on this trip :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m doing the Maple Trail starting July 1st 2018 which I think might be part of your tour but it just ends in Toronto…


Hey there! My cousin and I are looking at doing this tour as well on 1st July, pity it doesn’t do anything in NYC, so we’re looking at maybe arriving a few days earlier to check it all out!
This will be our first Top Deck Tour, I’ve travelled to NYC once before a few years back and loved it!
Brooke :slight_smile:


Oh that’s awesome Bec! Are you planning on going anywhere else after/before the trip??


It is a shame that nothing is included in NYC, it was the same with my last tour. Yeah, we’ll be staying about a week after the tour ends because we both really love NYC! Are you thinking of checking anywhere else out? We’re also going to do San fran and LA in California. :blush:


I will be spending a week in NYC before the tour and after the tour I’m doing the Canadian Rockies tour which starts on July 9. How about you?


Hey, I want to try and get over a few days earlier or stay for a few days afterwards to check it out. It’s tough as my cousin is a school teacher so we have very limited time! I would prefer to stay for a week after or a week before and explore, might see if I can talk her into it :slight_smile:


Hi guys!!
I’m 99% going to book this tour on the same date. Super excited!
-Nat :slight_smile:


Oh thats awesome Nat!!

I’ve just started a facebook group called USA and Canada adventure 1/7/18 if anyone wants to join. Just thought it’d be easier to talk there :slight_smile:


Hey everybody!

I’m just wondering if anyone is going solo? If I book, it will be my first overseas trip without family or a team environment! Kinda scary but wanting to do something cool!

Alanna :slight_smile:


Hey Alanna!

I did a solo trip last year with topdeck which was 23 days called Roadtrip USA. And trust me it’ll be the best trip of your life! I have made lifelong friends. I’ve gone to Europe this yr with a friend I made and then my friend whose coming with me on this trip was my roommate on my trip last year too!

You’re able to meet up with people before and after the trip. Do it! :smiley:


Hey alanna!
It’s my first time ever overseas and I’m coming on this tour completely solo… a tad daunting but so excited to meet people and take that step out of my comfort zone :grin::ok_hand:


Hey everyone! I’ve just booked in to do this trip as well! I’m doing the Maple Trail, but staying about a week either side in NYC and Toronto :slight_smile:

And glad to see I’m not the only one travelling solo! Can’t wait!


Hey everyone! I booked to do the Maple Trail, i’m spending 4 days in New York before the tour and flying to Vancouver after.
It’s great seeing others going solo too!


Hey Guys! My friend and I are doing this tour as well! Cant wait :slight_smile: