USA and Canada Adventure 4 Sept 2017


Hey guys! I’m Mira, a 23 year old girl living in London - doing my first Topdeck tour this year as a solo traveller! Anyone signed up to this yet?

Looking to stay in New York for 2 nights before and after the tour so if anyone is up for meeting up, staying in the same pre/post tour accommodation etc, give us a shout :slight_smile:

My full name is Mira Patel - add me on facebook if you want to chat some more before the trip!



Hey Mira! I’m Shriya and also from the UK. I’m interested :slight_smile: feel free to message me on Facebook: Thanks


Hey Shriya - just messaged you on facebook!

For anyone else who wants to add, the link is


hey HI MIRA. I am living in London. i am also planning to book trip to USA CANADA on 4th sept. i messaged you on facebook. So before booking can chat if we can go together it will be fun. please check FB PM. Thanks



are you too going to visit 4th sept trip? i am also interested. lets catch up together. i send you message on facebook. pls check


Hi my name is Risala, this is my first Topdeck tour, is anyone is staying in pre-accomodation and would like to meet up, let me know :slight_smile: x


Hey is anyone planning on staying at the hotel the night before? I don’t have Facebook but can send my email address :slight_smile:


Hey I have also booked the USA Canada Trip from 4th September. I also booked a night at NI NYC Hostel before the trip. I hope we can meet up there for dinner before the trip starts. :slight_smile:


Hi Conny I have only just seen your message that sounds like a good idea? Does anyone else fancy meeting up for dinner the night before.
I am just looking at hostels to book xx


Hey there, I’m Denver, 24 and from New Zealand. I’m staying at pre-accommodation too, so it’d be nice to catch up before the tour.


Hey guys, if you download the Top Deck app you’ll find a thread with all the the people that are going on this tour. Most people have posted on the app rather than this forum :slight_smile:


haha I was wondering why hardly anyone’s been commenting here. Anyway, i’ll hop on the app then, thanks Mira!