USA and Canada Adventure 21st June 2016


Hi I’m Natasha from Sydney, Australia. I’m booked on this tour and just wondering is there anyone else who has also booked this tour?


Hi Natasha! I’m also booked on this tour, Sydney girl too, looking forward to the trip!


Hey awesome. Where abouts in Sydney are you from? Are you having anytime in New York before the tour?


I’m from the north west Sydney area, what about you? I’ve got two nights in NYC before the tour starts but haven’t booked any accommodation as of yet, what are your plans?


I live in Western Sydney area. I have 5 days in NYC before the tour. I’m just staying at YMCA West side hostel as its a much cheaper option for me. I’m doing another tour after as well. If your keen let me know and maybe we can catch up or do something the days before the tour.


Awesome, I’ll look into booking the same hostel, sounds great!


If you like, feel free to add me on Facebook and I can give you more details about the hostel. My name is Natasha Bennett and my profile pic is me in front of the colosseum. I think it will be easier than messaging on here


Hi, I’ve also just booked this tour. So excited!


Hi Sarah that’s awesome where are you from? Are you going solo?


I’m from Scotland, and travelling solo aswell. Arriving in New York on the 19th and staying there a few days after the tour too :slight_smile: Have you travelled with Topdeck before?


Hey guys, I’ve also just booked this tour! Very excited! I am travelling solo from Perth. Have you travelled with topdeck before? :slight_smile:


Not long to go now! Went on one of the European camping tours last year and it was amazing!


Hey, I’m a solo traveler and from Perth too. I’ve done 1 topdeck tour 2 years ago and it was great!


I’m from Sydney, traveling solo and arrive in NYC on the 17th, staying at a hostel before the tour starts. If anyone is keen to meet up before let me know.


Hey all,
I’ve just booked this tour.
Will be there from the 20th if anyone is keen to meetup before the main event!