USA American Dream/Stars & Stripes 3rd Of May 2016


Hi Everyone. I have booked my American Dream trip for these dates and I believe the Stars & Stripes trip is apart of this tour.
I am going over by myself and would love to see who else is doing the trip and make a few friends before hand.
I am arriving in LA a few days earlier and wanted to also see who will be there.

Lachie :smile:


my partner and i will be there the day before hand :smile:


Aww fantastic! I was thinking of starting a Facebook group. Do you know anyone else who’s going?


i dont know anyone else that is going at this point. A facebook group would be good, that way everyone could kind of work out who is going/arriving from where.


No worries, Whats your facebook details?


Samantha Judd, 24 Tamworth Australia


You must have your account on private, it won’t find you?


yeah mine is on private. What is yours and ill find you?