US trip


I am going on a business trip to the US for around 3 months. I wanted to inquire about the weather there and also the places to see. I will be based in California. Please suggest some nice places to see. I would like to know if there would be any tour package for short trips around NYC? I would prefer traveling by road only

Also, I dont know if this is the correct forum but if possible, I wanted to know about a calling card service to call back to India. My wife would be alone at home so I would have to make regular calls home. One of my friends told me about PCO4NRI. Any idea about that card?


Hi, I live in California. I would recommend visiting San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Napa Valley and San Diego. Aslo there’re plenty of cute towns along the coast between major cities! You can do a search online for major attractions in CA (like museums, the beach, restaurants), driving directions and etc. Also there’re calling cards that you can buy that would let you call India.

San Fransisco link:
Los Angeles:
Napa Valley link
San Diego:


I would recomend using skype to call home. Wifi is everywhere here so your ability to call home would be cheap and easy.

I would also totally recomend visiting New York. I’m not aware of any trips but here’s some general advice. Get a hotel in New Jersey right off one of the tunnels to Manhattan, you will save TONS on the hotel, and a bus ride to Times Square is usually only about $2-3. From there you can pretty much walk the whole city, and use the subway for longer treks. Cabs run all night if you can’t figure out how to get back to your hotel.

You could also day trip to niagra falls from there which could be fun!