US Travelers Experiences


Hey all, [br][br]Going on a Topdeck European tour in 2010 and have noticed the vast majority of travelers are either from Australia or New Zealand. Im from Seattle and am just curious on previous US travelers experiences. Does being one of the only or the only US traveler make ya feel like an outsider, or do you just fit right in? Im a pretty outgoing and open guy so Im not really worried about it, but it’s still a topic to discuss.[br][br]Joey Walker


Also any opinions or experiences from non-US travelers traveling with US travelers, if that makes sense, haha.[br][br]Joey Walker


Hello Joey,[br][br]Just a quick note whilst you are waiting for the others to respond.[br][br]While it is true that the overall majority [br]of our passengers are historically from Australia and New Zealand, we are also getting more and more travellers on our trips from the States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Northern Europe, South Africa as well as Korea, Singapore, Mexico and Brasil. So overall we tend to get a good mix of people from all over, united in the desire to have a great travel experience. [br][br]Have a fab trip![br][br]Anita[br]