Urgent assistance required ! Schengen VISA


hii !!

In the process of organising my Schengen Visa, but having difficulty providing the Italian consulate with the correct information.For the Winter Spirit tour 3 Nov. 2011 what is the border of entry into Italy? As this is not stated on the Itinerary.

Topdeck said that Como is the border of entry into Italy, this is the response I got from the Italian consulate:

[font=Book Antiqua]No, unfortunately Como is not the border of entry, Como is a city and the border of entry is the point which divide two countries. It is the geographical point where the border is located. Ask Topdeck whether the point of entry is “Chiasso”.[/font]

Anyone able to help??
Need info urgently

thank you !!!

Monet :slight_smile:


Hi Monet,

You’re best bet is to get in touch with Topdeck Australia directly on 1300 886 332 and they will be able to sort you out.

Topdeck Team


thank you for the number !!

Hi Jess :slight_smile:
unfortunately I am not an Australian citizen yet, (south african) have to get visas for everywhere… :frowning: